About Us

About Us

Thanks so much for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about who we are. We are very excited to be able to share our love of land with you and hope to help you find your dream property.

Freedom Land (FLG) was established by Jen and Steve Armenia. Jen and Steve were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 22 years. Both grew up in family owned businesses, so it was only natural for them to start a business of their own based on a common interest in real estate.

Steve has in-depth experience with internet marketing & sales as well as developing customer relationships. So handling the day to day sales & support end of the business falls into his camp.

Jen has a background in marketing so naturally she manages the promotion of our land business, Her passion for connecting people with property that best meet their needs translates well to her and Steve’s land business, as they only want to see people buy land that is right for them.

When they’re not out sourcing hot land deals, Jen and Steve enjoy spending time with their teenage Rockstar son and two rescued coonhounds. You’ll find them to be down-to-earth, caring people who value your trust more than “making the sale.” We believe, in true family owned business style, that the sales will come if everything else is in place and our customers are taken care of.